A Beautiful Pursuit

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." - Psalms 19:1


I have been wanting to do this for a while now but honestly, I do not know the first thing about blogging. What I do know is that I love hearing and sharing stories.  The beauty about stories, I believe, is it is like a window to the soul of a person's innermost experiences and passions. I love meeting new people and asking them what exactly drives them or even how they got to this very moment in life. I am always filled with amazement to hear the different replies because it is never what I would expect.

This last summer, I picked up a new hobby; photography. I was always amused at pictures but the only experience I had was taking pictures of food and moments with my iPhone to post on Instagram. If anyone would ask me about shutter speed, I would not know what that was. However, I had a Nikon D3200 sitting on my nightstand collecting dust. I recall one night, as I was praying to God, I heard His voice speak to me ever so clearly. He said:

"My son, pursue the beauty of my creation."

I opened my eyes and honestly, I did not know what the Lord meant. I remember ending that night with a "whatever you say God" mentality. A few days passed and the Lord's words still lingered in my head. It was not until I found myself sitting at a local park taking pictures of the sunset with an unfamiliar Nikon that I came to realize that this is what He meant. To capture moments, like the one in front of me, so that the world can experience His majesty through a timeless photo.

Through photos and videos, you begin to realize that nothing in this world is really ugly. Everything was made beautifully just as the Lord created it to be. People, animals, buildings, the skies and the ground. All of it was made beautiful. Every photo is a fingerprint of God, the greatest artist, and every photo tells a story. This is my drive.

I believe everyone has a story and deserves to be heard. However, in this broken world, that space does not come easy. I would even say, it is almost nonexistent. And well, this is what I want this blog to stand for. This is a compilation of experiences, passions, and dreams. This is my open letter to the world of my pursuit of God's beauty and a collection of stories from individuals who live on the margins of society.  

This is a pursuit of God's beautiful creation.